Published July 12th, 2014 by is one of the social networking platforms available on the world wide web, it contains a special idea , that you can ask others question with the anonymity option the website launched June 16, 2010. Today they have more than 10 Million active accounts.

This anonymity made a huge complaint from a large number of members , because a lot of people are using this tool to ask their friends some vulgar question , and embrasse them in front of their friends. so these people are forced to reply to these question in order to deny those information on  their walls. tracker


Because of that a large group of people have built a tool called Tracker , to track and reveal the person who asked anonymously , this tool contains three main functinallities.

First: Get the IP of the ASKER and also scrape his proxy to identify from which country he is connecting and make a quick look up for the Map Zone.

Second: Get the social networks where the peron who ask is frequently connection on , it help to indentify easily the person

Third: using the first and second features and make a pricize anlysis to combine all the results , and give the results as the exact position and address where the person who asked using to comment, and also reveal all the profiles of the people who like the post

you can find this tool by visiting this address HERE.

Or this address Copy-Paste in the toolbar :

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